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One coat through coloured render. Some colours stocked for next day delivery. Please check quoted dispatch times.

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Please call 03330442804 for the latest availablity of colours.

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Through coloured one-coat weather resistant and breathable decorating render for vertical masonry and concrete walls. 48 Standard colours available. Non standard colours are available subject to colour approval. Expected coverage 1m2 per 25kg.

Masonry and walls conforming to BS 5628-3 and constructed from the following:
■ Concrete blocks.
■ Bricks.
■ Terracotta blocks e.g. Porotherm*.
■ Lightweight aircrete concrete blockwork e.g. Celcon.
■ Breeze blocks (clinker).
■ Stone/rubble stone.
■ Shuttered concrete.
■ Expanded clay insulation blocks.
■ Clean, sound, well adhered existing render.
■ Base coats conforming to BS EN 13914-1
■ PAREX grey weather resistant base coats,e.g. MONOGRIS E, PARMUREX or TRADIREX.
■ Dry-stacked inter-locking modular wall units e.g. Durisol* recycled timber blocks.*Consult masonry manufacturer’s datasheets. Durisol with Monorex GM & GF is NHBC approved for single skin external wall construction.
■ For below dpc applications and old substrates inaccordance with BS8000 – 4 Code of Practice for Waterproofing, consult Parex.

■ Weak mortar or plaster (Gypsum) coated constructions.
■ Painted substrates – use PARINTER first
■ Avoid applications onto horizontal flat substrates or those with a backward incline as this may affect water run off and may have a tendency to hold moisture.

■ Medium Scraped – (GM) Fine Scraped (GF)
■ Sponge or Float Smoothed*
■ Trowel Smoothed
■ Spray Textured – from tyrolean to heavy roughcast effect 

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Weight25 kg
Parex Colour

B10 – Moonscape (stock), B20 – Sky Blue, B30 – Azure Blue, BL10 – Blanc du Littoral, G40 – Smoky Grey, G60 – Basalt Grey (stock), J10 – Orange Yellow, J30 – Opal, J39 – Athens Sand (stock), J40 – Sand Yellow, J50 – Straw Yellow, J60 – Pollen Yellow, J70 – Yellow Ochre, O10 – Sand, O20 – Orange, O30 – Orange Beige, O40 – Pale Pinky Beige, O50 – Pinky Beige, O60 – Pinky Orange, O70 – Light Ochre, O80 – Orange Earth, O90 – Natural Brick, R10 – Pearly Pink, R20 – Sand Pink, R30 – Violet Pink, R40 – Petal Pink, R50 – Old Rose, R60 – Strong Pink, R70 – Brick, R80 – Sienna, R90 – Brick Red, T10 – Silky Grey, T20 – Light Sand, T30 – Clay Earth (stock), T40 – Orange Sand, T50 – Sandy Earth (stock), T60 – Soft Earth, T70 – Beige Earth, T80 – Beige, T90 – Pink Earth, V10 – Stone, V20 – Astral Green, V30 – Pale Green, V40 – Emerald Green, G50 – Ash Grey (stock), G00 – Natural White (stock), G20 – Off White (stock), G30 – Mouse Grey (stock), J20 – Pale Yellow (stock)