Next day delivery

As part of our fast and efficient service, we offer next day delivery on any orders placed before 1pm. This is based on a Monday to Thursday schedule. Any orders placed on a Friday will be delivered the following Monday.

Our delivery charge is calculated based on distance. Saturday delivery is available at an extra cost of £40.00, and should arrive by 2pm. Additional requests also include delivery before 12pm for an additional £10.00 and an evening delivery for an additional £35.00.

If you have any questions regarding deliveries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team who will be happy to assist.


Orders exceeding 1,000kg require the use of a forklift, as our tail lift cannot lift pallets up to this weight. Please can you advise us whether there is access to a forklift at the desired location or if this is required, as well as if you will be present on site and if you are able to hand ball the materials.

As our haulier can carry maximum 1200kg per pallet, an order that exceeds this weight will incur a higher delivery cost. Below is a list of product weights for your convenience.


Monorex 30kg bags = 40bags / pallet 1200kg pallet
Monorex Monoblanco 25kg bags = 48bags/pallet 1200kg pallet
Maite 30kg bags = 40bags/pallet 1200kg pallet
Parmurex 30kg bags = 40bags/pallet 1200kg pallet
Parinter 30kg bags = 40bags/pallet 1200kg pallet
Microgobetis 20kg tubs = 27tubs/pallet 540kg pallet


Pral M 25kg bags = 40 bags/pallet 1000kg pallet
OCR 25kg bags = 40bags/pallet 1000kg pallet
Rendaid 25kg bags = 40bags/pallet 1000kg pallet